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Ultimate Pool Remodeling Guide

Choosing a Pool Remodeling Service

Choosing the right pool remodeling company is important for transforming your backyard pool into the space you envision. Researching and comparing different pool companies can provide insight into the services and quality of work provided. Look for companies with positive ratings and feedback from past projects.

Consider the range of services offered. A pool company that provides a variety of services — from cleaning and repair to renovation and resurfacing — may have an advantage. RemodelMyPool by Nationwide Pool stands out for not only building pools but also offering maintenance packages, helping your pool remain in good condition after the remodel. Evaluate whether the company’s strengths match your specific needs.

  • Are you looking for extensive structural changes?
  • Are style and aesthetics your main focus?

Identifying your priorities, along with researching companies’ capabilities and past successes, will help you make an informed decision for your pool remodel.

Pool Resurfacing and Replastering

Recognizing when your pool needs resurfacing is important to maintain its functionality and appearance. One of the main signs is the appearance of rough textures on the pool’s surface. Over time, wear and tear cause the surface to deteriorate, leading to an unattractive look and potentially injuring swimmers with its rough edges. If your once smooth pool walls and floor now feel rough, it’s a clear indicator that it’s time for resurfacing.

Frequent need for repairs, especially concerning leaks and cracks, is another sign. Small cracks can quickly develop into larger structural issues when water seeps into the underlying concrete, eroding the material and compromising the pool’s integrity. If you find yourself constantly adding water to compensate for unexplained loss, this could indicate that your pool’s surface has become porous over time, losing its ability to retain water efficiently. When these signs become evident, prompt action is necessary to ensure your pool remains a safe and enjoyable space.

Adding Luxury Features in Pool Remodel

Incorporating luxury features into your swimming pool area can transform a simple backyard into an appealing retreat. One sought-after addition is the integration of spa areas or hot tubs adjacent to the pool. Imagine the transition from the cool refreshment of the pool to the warmth of a spa, right in your own backyard. This enhances your swimming pool’s appearance and expands relaxation and entertainment possibilities for you and your guests. The inclusion of spa features offers a versatile space, ideal for unwinding after a long day or hosting social gatherings.

Another luxury feature gaining popularity is the addition of waterfalls or fountains. These elements introduce visual appeal and a calming auditory experience to your outdoor space. Water features create an ambiance of natural beauty and tranquility. Incorporating lighting into these features can further enhance the atmosphere, creating a captivating effect. These additions serve as attractive focal points and enhance the overall enjoyment of your swimming pool area, making it a truly exceptional space.

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