Keeping Your Pool Safe

Warm weather comes with so much fun in the sun. One of the most common summer activities is enjoying a day with family and friends in the pool. It is for this reason that you should keep your pool safe for everyone, especially children who are at risk of drowning. According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, more than 300,000 people die annually because of drowning. This translates to more than 3,700 people in the US. Here are tips to ensure your pool is safe:

Build a pool fence

As a homeowner, the best safety measure you can take is installing a fence around your swimming pool. The fence forms a barrier that will keep children out of the pool when adults are not around to supervise them. The gates to the fence should be made to open outwards, away from the pool and be self-latching and self-closing. Different states and cities have implemented laws that outline fence requirements, so you should check your local building laws for material and height restrictions before building the fence.

Install an alarm system

To make things safer at home, consider installing an alarm system for your pool area. This will enable you to know exactly when your child opens the pool fence. Supervising your children only when they are swimming is not enough; they need to be monitored every time they go to the pool areas since they could fall in at any time. There are different alarms, and you can consult a pool professional to help you decide which is suitable for your home.

Have a first aid kit and rescue equipment nearby

There is no better way to prepare for pool accidents than having rescue equipment ready or around the pool. Make sure you have a rescue tube or life hook that can be used to pull someone who has drowned to safety. You should also ensure that the rescue equipment and first aid kit are stored near the swimming pool in an accessible area, clearly marked. Make sure you check this equipment from time to time to ensure that they are in good condition.

Set Pool Rules and Learn CPR

It is essential to educate your family and friends on what pool conduct entails. It would help if you also considered creating a list of rules with basic instructions like; ‘Do not run on the pool deck,’ ‘Do not push anyone into the pool,’ ‘Do not dive into shallow water,’ among others. Also, as a homeowner, you should consider learning CPR in case of any pool accidents.

Inspect the pool area frequently for slip hazards

Anyone can trip on objects and slip into the water if hazards are left near the edge of the swimming pool. It is for this reason that you should inspect your pool area every day to get rid of any slip hazards. Ensure toys, tubes, floats, and cleaning equipment are always stored away from the pool when they are not in use.

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