Living in Vegas with a pool

For anyone who doesn’t have a swimming pool on their property, the idea of something like this causing problems can seem a little silly. Why would anyone have a problem with enjoying the luxury of their own pool? In reality, though, keeping a feature like this in tip-top condition can often be a challenge that people aren’t ready for, and you need to be prepared to take on some work if you’re planning to live with a pool, especially in a place like Las Vegas. This article outlines some of the steps that need to be taken to maintain your pool.


This first job is nice and easy and simply involves covering your pool. There are a lot of different things which can make their way into a swimming pool, and most people won’t want to deal with any of them. The debris you might find in your pool could include anything from leaves and branches to frogs, small mammals, and a host of other animals. You can install a cover for your pool, which will help with this, though you will need to make sure that you use it effectively, covering your pool at the end of each day’s swim.


While a good cover will do a lot of work to keep your pool clean, there will still be some jobs that need your attention. Even when the water looks clean, it can be filled with bacteria and other microbes, which can threaten your health, causing infections, rashes, and other ailments. Your pool could be the perfect place for life like this, thanks to the Las Vegas sun beating down on it. This makes it crucial that you use a chlorine solution in your pool. The easiest way to do this is with tablets from companies like In The Swim and Clorox.

Chlorine will cover the things which you can’t see, but there might still be things in your pool, which you have to get rid of by hand. To achieve this, most people don’t take off their clothing and jump right in. Instead, you can purchase a pool vacuum cleaner to collect the debris in your pool, and these products can be found all over the web. Working much like your indoor vacuum cleaner, this makes clean-up much easier. A traditional net can also be beneficial when you’re working to keep your pool spotless.


Finally, as the last job on your list, it’s time to think about the repairs which will come with your pool. Cracked or missing tiles, broken grills, and faulty pumps and heaters can pose a real threat to those using your pool. From a cut foot to outright electrocution, it’s never worth leaving issues like this unattended, and this is where Remodel My Pool comes in. With an expert team on hand to manage your pool repairs, you don’t have to worry about keeping your family and friends safe, as we can do it for you. Whether your pool is big or small, our team has experience with all sorts of pools in Las Vegas.

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