Material ideas for your swimming pool deck

Time to Deck Out Your Pool!

Materials for building and accenting your pool’s deck / patio, have really come a long way over the last five years. Now pools can be decked out using materials never before considered. Making things like wood and concrete old fashioned. No worries you’re in the right place to be if you’re looking for. the best material options for your pool’s deck or patio.


A Few Things to Consider First!

First, we need to consider a few things before ever choosing what materials to go with:

  • How much shade is around your pool? Some materials can burn your feet.
  • What kind of budget are you working with?
  • The size and the shape of your pool to determine amount of feet for your material?
  • Do you want it to surround your pool or be just on a certain side?
  • Do you plan to add or expand in the future?
  • Is your pool above or below ground and how high do want to build to?
  • What color or theme you might be for to have a certain look and feel?
  • Is whatever you’re wanting to use going to get slick or hot when used?
  • Will you be wanting to walk barefoot on it?
  • Who should I contract to install my new deck?

All of these considerations could play a big part in what building or decorating materials that you consider for your pool’s deck or patio.

What’s the Difference Between A Deck and A Patio?

For starters, a deck is a platform that extends out from your home and is attached primarily to the house. While a patio is paved platform that can be either raised or on the ground. Patios typically have a cover for shade. It also can be attached or un attached from your home.

Building Material Choices

Concrete and Wood- are traditional materials and can vary from being inexpensive to expensive depending on the type and amount of material you use. There is a large variety of wood choices and wood staining that can transform the plain to something amazing in a short time.

Pool Deck / Patio Materials Available:

  • Bamboo and/or Cork Wood – are extremely popular for their softness and natural heat repelling properties. They also go great with different tropical themed pool designs
  • River Rocks and Stones – These can range from free (finding the material yourselves) but very labor intensive, all the way to thousands of dollars if you’re theme needs to extend around the entire pool area, possibly including things like waterfalls, fountains, and Koi Ponds. Also stone and concrete are more like permanent fixtures and are exceptionally hard to change if you ever need to remove any to add things in the yard (Like Jacuzzi’s or covered Gazebo’s.) So be sure that’s what you want to go with permanently.
  • Composite Pool Decking – Is an amazing material that’s made just for your pool. The styles and options thanks to technological advances are nearly limitless. Fair priced to.
  • Tile – Tile can be handy and cost effective but also easy to chip or break if something is dropped. becoming dangerous if it cuts your feet. It also can become extremely slick when wet and many drownings and head injuries have resulted from this material. Not Recommended if you have small children or swim barefoot without water shoes.

If you have additional questions about materials or remodeling your pool in general and you are in Las Vegas or Henderson, please give us a call today for a free consultation.

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