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When is the best time to schedule a pool remodel Las Vegas


If you are reading this, you are either unhappy with the way your pool was constructed or just need to remodel or repair it for your taste. we are confident that you will get what you are looking for here.

If you love swimming, you must be looking forward to enjoying a warmer weather. Now is the best time to plan your swimming pool remodel Las Vegas to avoid many inconveniences. You should consider doing renovations before the warmer weather arrives to enjoy your summer swim to the fullest. Below is detailed guide of the things you need to know about pool remodel Las Vegas despite the current shortages of building materials and backlog.

What is the Best Time to Renovate My Swimming Pool?

Even though you can remodel your swimming pool any time, our expert’s advice that you should build or renovate your swimming pool remodel Las Vegas during Fall, Winter, or Spring rather than doing it during the warmer Summer.

Covid-19 Effect on Swimming Pool Remodel Las Vegas

Building Material Shortages

Ideally, the resources for pool remodel Las Vegas should be less costly during fall because of less demand. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry still experiences building materials shortages.

Since many homeowners are remodeling their homes rather than going for vacations, the demand for building materials has skyrocketed. Due to the shortage of materials nationally, you should book your pool remodel Las Vegas as soon as possible to be the first in line when fall arrives.

Some of the commonly used swimming pool materials experiencing the shortage include the following:

• Pumps and Filters
• Fiberglass/glass fiber
• Chlorine
• Wood (for decking)
• Concrete (for pavers, pool construction and decking)
• Skimmers


The building industry is also experiencing challenges like lockdowns, COVID-19’s effect on truckers and new safety protocols, which have adversely affected production. Some states slowed down or halted construction work at the onset of the pandemic. Some manufacturers were forced to shut down by then, creating a serious backlog now. Secure our swimming pool remodeling services now to avoid pool remodel or repair delays during fall.

Why Should I Remodel My Swimming Pool During Fall?

Here are some key reasons why you should consider renovating your swimming pool this fall:

Low Usage of Swimming Pool

During fall, you are less likely to use your swimming pool, especially for the outdoor pools.

Planning Ahead

Prior proper planning will help you accomplish the swimming pool renovation or building plans before summer arrives.

Have It Ready for Summer

You would want to use your backyard pool as soon as the temperatures start going up during the warmer season. To make this possible, you should ensure that your pool is remodeled or repaired during Fall.

Getting Started

At Nationwide Pool, we understand how frustrating it can be waiting for your pool to be remodeled. Although we do not expect these shortages and backlogs to clear overnight, we are doing our best to ensure that your pool remodel Las Vegas is completed as soon as possible. Our experts at Nationwide Pool appreciate your patience as they put forth their best efforts to obtain quality materials and remodel or repair your swimming pool to your taste. Secure your pool remodel Las Vegas now to be the first in line when fall arrives.

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