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How to remodel a pool


For most pool owners, summer is the time to clean and upgrade their pools. Remodeling your pool involves repair, adding some stairs to it, a fire pit, and a spill over spa. You might prefer to remodel the pool yourself instead of hiring a contractor. But the bitter truth is that such pool remodeling will not be much of a success in most cases. That’s why hiring a pool contractor is highly recommended. If you aren’t sure on how to remodel a pool, read on to understand why hiring a pool contractor is the way to go.

Why hire a pool contractor?

Pool contractors are specialized individuals who work on building and remodeling pools. These individuals know different pool designs and remodeling techniques. If this is your first-time remodeling, then it’s recommended that you hire an experienced pool contractor as they are professionals in the field with ample experience and expertise.

Hiring an experienced pool contractor not only offers bespoke services helps to save your time and money. When doing it yourself, you have to purchase equipment and chemicals to clean the pool. These include pressure washers, surface coating, tiles, and others. In addition, DIY remodeling may not go so well, and the pool may need another remodel after a short period. For instance, if the surface coat does not adhere well, it will need another coat in a few years.

How To Remodel a Pool?

Some pool remodeling plans have to be done by experts to give your pool an aesthetic look. Remember, most of these remodels call for special equipment and chemicals, which should only be handled by experts. Pool handling experience is also another perk of hiring experts.

When your pool has become porous, has algae, and has holes or cracking plaster—it’s time to repair it. The repair work is essential as it makes sure the pool holds its freshwater well and chemicals kill the algae effectively.

There are myriad ways to remodel a pool, depending on the pool you have and where it is situated. For instance, if your pool is on the rooftop of a building, you could consider adding an infinity pool or put-up glass pool fencing. Using glow-in-the-dark tiles is also a great aesthetic to add to your pool. These are great and cheap pool upgrades that provide light in the dark without the need for wired lighting in the pool.

Adding a spill over spa is also a great way of upgrading your pool—it is good for relaxing and relieving stress. The spa could be added during the repair of the pool as it uses the pool water circulation system.

Installing waterfalls and a natural pool is also a common technique today when it comes to pool remodeling and upgrades. Natural pools have plants inside that clean the water and give the pool a natural feel. On the other hand, waterfalls make your pool have a fresh outdoor feel and keeps the water moving as well.

Bottom Line

There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to how to remodel a pool. However, one thing is for certain; pool contractors are a better option as compared to DIY remodeling. The contractors can come with clever ideas for upgrading your pool and ensuring it has a better look. More importantly, contractors are experienced in pool repair and will ensure that repairs done on your pool will last long.

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