When To Remodel My Pool?

At Remodel My Pool, we’re here for one reason and one reason only, to update, upgrade and to make the most of your pool. However, when do you know that it’s time to get in touch? Here are some of the signs of a languishing pool that’s in dire need of a remodel.

The pool is past its best days

Depending on the materials used, your pool might start showing signs of wear and tear within a decade, with cracks, chips, and other signs of failure popping up more and more frequently. For both your safety and your comfort, a remodel could help you enjoy the peace and quality of a brand-new pool again.

You keep having to pay for pool repair

Take a look at your pool repair bills over the past year or so. If you find yourself having to frequently pay for re-tiling or lining fixes, then it’s a sign that your pool is no longer as resilient and easy to care for as it once was. A remodel might be a more costly project initially, but it can save you some cash in repairs down the line.

The pool needs a visual refresh

Everything goes out of style, eventually, and this goes for your pool. If your home keeps modernizing, but your pool stays the same, it can become an eyesore. But at Remodel My Pool, we have tons of ways to rejuvenate it, with new tiles, new lining, changes to the shape, and much more, so it much better fits the changes to your style over the years.

Your pool could be safer with a few upgrades

Whether you have growing kids making more use of the pool or you’re simply more cognizant of the safety risks around it, it’s not difficult to feel uneasy if your pool doesn’t feel safe enough. We can help you get some peace of mind with a variety of fixes that make the pool safer, getting rid of loose stones, putting in non-slip tiles around the edge, and more.

You want to make your pool more fun to be in

You might love your pool as is, you just wish that it has a little more of a wow factor. From water slides to faux stone walls with caves, we can give your pool some of its oomph factor back with a wide range of upgrades. Our team has been remodeling pools in Las Vegas for over 30 years, so not only do we know a quality remodel, we also know what fun-lovers like to see in their pools.

Get the best start to your pool remodeling project in Vegas

If you’re looking to remodel your pool, then you need to know that you have the best team for the job on your side. Remodel My Pool can take care of the entire processing, planning with your budget in mind, showing you designs that add new features, for safety and comfort, and getting the project underway when you’re happy with the plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.

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