Preparing Your Pool for Summer 2019

The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up, and those clouds up there are clearing quickly. Do you know what time that is? That’s right – it’s pool time!

But wait – you haven’t yet got your Las Vegas pool ready for the summer, and it’s fast approaching. Keeping your pool in the best possible condition all year round is essential, but getting it ready to enjoy when the weather really hots up is a must. If you decide to get the best company in for pool remodeling Las Vegas before the summer, now is the time to do it! Let’s take a look at the ways that you can ensure that your pool is summer ready in no time at all.

Get Cleaning

You just need a day for cleaning, but getting your pool cleaned is the very first step to getting your pool ready. Take the cover off the pool and skim all the leaves and debris from the surface. Anything big enough to clog the pool filter needs clearing out, and then you need to clean the filter itself. You only need to run it under some cold water to get it cleaned, so it’s a light job.

Chemical Reaction

You’ve probably noticed the colour of the pool while cleaning the debris. Usually, a pool that hasn’t been used in a while has water that looks brown or green in colour. Don’t worry; all you need to do is add enough water from the hose to fill the whole pool – even with the dirty water in there. This is completely safe! For the next 24 hours, you need to turn on the pool filter and pump and keep it running. Then, for every 5,000 gallons of water, add 1LB of chlorine.

All About Balance

After a day or two, test the chemical levels in your pool to ensure that it is safe to use. Check your pool manual to know whether your pool levels are safe!
Over the next few weeks, keep a watch on the colour of your water and check on your filter. Keep removing any debris that floats in from the wind, and once the colour of the water goes clear and your levels are balanced, you are almost ready!

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Back to cleaning again! Get your pool vacuum out and skim, scrub and get the pool into the best possible shape. If you have any issues with your pool ladder, get it all cleaned up and ready for installation all over again. You can also get your floating chlorine pods prepared to keep the pool topped up and refreshed. Keep the cover on it every night to warm the pool and stop any extra debris floating in through the days until summer sets in.

Your swimming pool is now ready to go for the lazy days in the sunshine; all you need now is to decide whether you want to wait any longer to enjoy very own pool!

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