Is Adding a Pool Light Expensive?

 One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a swimming pool is having access to it at any time. This is especially important during the evening hours and after sun fall, when you’ll need some extra lighting and visibility. When considering options for your pool, price is usually the first to come to mind, though before prioritizing budget. It’s vital to ensure that the lighting and installation methods adhere to electrical and safety guidelines. When you query your search for equipment and materials, always filter to include only reputable products and installation services.

Budgeting for Pool Lights, Installation, and Equipment Costs

When budgeting for pool lights, you’ll generally need about $100-250 per light, spaced roughly 6-8 feet apart. Depending on the size of the pool and brand of lights, there is room for variance. If this is the first time installing pool lights, hiring an electrician will cost an estimated $100-150 per hour. Other equipment that you’ll need to include in your budget involves a new transformer, cables, and the types of lighting. A new transformer will cost anywhere between $30-100. Overall, you may see a significant variance in price, though besides your budget, the quality of equipment and safety of installation is of utmost importance.

LED or Halogen Lights?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both LED and halogen. While LED is often the more popular option, it is expensive and will easily cost twice the amount of halogen. LED lighting is far more energy-efficient, though cannot be serviced if damaged. The cost of replacement is high, whereas halogen is easier to service and will impact your budget less, at least initially.

If energy savings in the long term is your goal, consider LED lighting as a recommended investment, as you’ll see significantly fewer energy costs in the long term. Halogen lights are a good option if you need to work within a budget, though they offer less flexibility in color and design options.

The Cost of Installation

Unless you are a licensed electrician, it’s best to avoid installing the pool lighting yourself and hire an expert to do the job. This is especially important if this is the first installation and all new equipment must be purchased. Not only will an electrician ensure that the lighting, transformer, and cables are properly and safely installed, replacements of certain items later will be less costly.

How to Save Money on Installing Pool Lighting

There are some easy ways to save money, which often depend on what equipment you’ll need and what’s already available. For example, if you have existing cables or wiring to your pool, this may be sufficient and require less effort and purchasing cable to complete the job. A new transformer isn’t necessary if you already have one that functions properly. Consider the long-term durability of your lighting system as well as the initial costs, so that you can make a decision based on all factors and product options.

Fitting your pool with a new lighting system is an exciting part of the remodeling process. Take into consideration all factors involved, such as pricing, installation, materials, and equipment, and don’t forget about quality and safety standards. You’ll find there are plenty of affordable options for installing a durable and esthetic lighting system in your swimming pool.

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