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Pool Plaster Repair Las Vegas

Replastering a pool is definitely not a 10-minute job, but this does not mean that it is impossible to do it by yourself. Ideally, your swimming pool needs replastering every seven to twelve years, but this period depends on how it was installed and on how well you have maintained it.

One of the major reasons why you would need to replaster your pool is due to cosmetics since it is possible for the walls of your pool to become discolored earlier than expected. For example, if the walls of your swimming pool look green or brown rather than blue, you should consider replastering as soon as possible.

Below are 11 simple steps you can follow for your beautiful pool plaster repair Las Vegas.

First Step: Use the Sump Pump

The first step for the pool plaster repair Las Vegas is to turn off all working equipment within your pool and drain it. At this point, use the sump pump to help you clear water from the bottom of the pool.

Second Step: Clean

After clearing the water, clean the pool of dirt and debris that may have been left such as leaves. You should clean it using the sponge and any environmental-friendly solution.

Third Step: Address Problem Areas

After you have cleaned your pool, it is now time to identify problem areas that need replastering. Pay special attention to edges and corners as plaster can easily peel off from them.

Fourth Step: Use the Chisel or a Putty Knife

After identifying the problem areas where the plaster is peeling off, remove loose plaster using the chisel or a putty knife.

Fifth Step: Sand

After removing the loose plaster, sand sharp edges where the plaster has been removed for re-plastering to be easier. You should sand these places at least two times to make the area neat and clean.

Sixth Step: Spray Acid

After sanding the problem areas, you should spray or pour an acid wash over those surfaces. You can use an acid brush to ensure that you spread it properly. Pouring or spraying an acid renders the new surface conducive in order to accept new plaster.

Seventh Step: Use the Hose

After you have sprayed the acid, you should rinse the acid wash using a hose and give it time to dry. After it has dried, you should apply a bond coat using a roller to allow for replastering. Allow it to dry overnight.

Eighth Step: Apply Plaster

At this point, you should prepare the plaster and apply it using the steel trowel. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should start at the deepest end, applying a plaster of 3/8 inches thickness, and ensure an even surface. You should take care to avoid applying wet plaster to set plaster. Ensure that you fill in any holes or cracks.

Ninth Step: Finish

After applying the plaster, you should mix the plaster finish and apply it using the steel trowel to plaster evenly at 1/4 inches thickness.

Step 10 – Check

Once done, ensure that you inspect the work for flaws. Wait for the replastered surface to dry completely.

Step 11 – Paint (Optional)

After the plaster has dried up, apply specially produced pool paint. Ensure that you have covered the entire surface and that the paint is applied evenly. For a smooth finish, you should use the brush in one direction. Wait for the pool to dry up before using it again

After it has dried up, refill the pool and chlorinate the water. Enjoy your refreshed pool.

Leave Your Pool to the Experts

As you see, it is possible to undertake your pool plaster repair Las Vegas, but it might be time-consuming, difficult, and involving in multiple ways. You need to use many tools that you may not be familiar with. You can make mistakes that result in crazing, etching, and shading, which may force you to redo the whole job.

Therefore, you should consider using professionals at Remodel My Pool to renew your pool’s plaster with an excellent finish at an affordable price. Using Remodel My Pool for your pool plaster repair Las Vegas will ensure that nothing goes wrong in the process, while they take the least time to get you back to your pool.

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