Adding New Features to Improve Your Pool

Owning a pool is already great, but what if you could make your pool even better? As well as ensuring you have a safe pool that looks smart, you can think about adding some features to your pool that make it better than ever. A pool renovation can make your pool more fun and attractive, turning your pool area into a backyard paradise. Whether you want a family pool that’s fun for all ages or something more grown-up that raises the value of your property, our pool renovations can give you the new features that you want. Try these ideas to give your pool a new look.

Add a Hideaway

If you want something fun and quirky to add to your pool, what about a faux stone wall with a cave? Creating a hideaway for your pool gives you somewhere to get some shade on a hot day, and it’s a fun feature to add for kids too. A grotto or cave gives you a peaceful getaway as part of your pool, whether it’s an adults-only space or it’s somewhere you want to send the kids when you need some peace and quiet.

Install a Fun Slide

Another fun way to add to your pool is to install a slide. Why get into your pool via the steps or by jumping in, when you could slide your way in? It’s a great addition to a family pool but you don’t have to have kids around to make use of a waterslide. You can discover lots of options for a slide that goes into your pool, and you just need to be sure that it’s safe. The pool needs to be deep enough where the slide enters the water.

Update Your Electrics

When you’re looking for ways to improve your pool, you might want to think about lighting and possibly even sound. New lights can create a brand new atmosphere for your pool, especially if you love to use it at night. You might also want to consider installing outdoor speakers. Just remember to think of your neighbors if you’re planning to start playing music around your pool area.

Put in a Hot Tub

A hot tub is one of the most logical additions to a swimming pool. It gives you somewhere to hang out in the water, while leaving the rest of the pool for anyone who might want to swim. You get the benefit of the warm water and even jets if you decide to turn them on too. A hot tub can be therapeutic and relaxing, whether you use it alone or with others.

Consider Waterfalls and Fountains

Not all new features for your pool need to be things that you can use. Waterfalls and fountains are mostly aesthetic additions to your pool, but they can make it look amazing. Add a water feature to your swimming pool and it will take it from a standard pool to something much more exciting.

Improve your pool with a new feature or two, and you can enjoy it even more than you ever have before. Give us a call at Remodel My Pool today to learn more!

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