Top 5 Supplies All Pool Owners Should Own

If you own a pool, you need some essential supplies to keep it in working order. These supplies can comprise all types of things, from test strips that allow you to test the water, to long poles that will enable you to clean the pool floor.

Check out the top five pool supplies all pool owners should own below.

Pool Cover

Pool covers might be a hassle to put on and take off, but they’re a vital piece of kit that prevents major headaches later on.

Pool covers, as you might expect, help to keep debris out of the pool – something especially helpful for outdoor pool owners. The reason covers are important is because they stop gunk clogging up your filters (which can lead to expensive repair work). What’s more, if you don’t like using skimmers, pool covers are a must-have item. If you ever need any pool maintenance in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact Nationwide Pools!

Water Test Strips

You need to test the water in your pool. You want to make sure that it contains sufficient quantities of chlorine (or bromine if that’s what you decide to use) while retaining optimal salinity, alkalinity, and hardness.

You can buy liquid test kits, but these tend to more difficult to analyze. Some varieties you have to send off to the lab. With a test strip, you can get information about the chemistry of your pool in a matter of seconds – it’s super simple.

Pool Shock

Pool shocks are chemical additives that you put in your pool when it starts to go a bit whiffy. Private pools shouldn’t smell. We’re used to the idea of smelly pools because most public swimming pools are full of bacteria. Dead skin cells, oil from the body, and goodness knows what else gets into the water and feeds bacteria. When that happens, it’s time for a shock.

Most people shock their pools once per week with calcium hypochlorite. The shock helps to kill any bacteria that may cause your pool to smell and is particularly handy after a pool party.

Algae Brush

Algae is a surprisingly robust lifeform, able to live in a variety of harsh environments, including pools. Nothing looks worse than a thick layer of green algae hovering just above the waterline of your pool, so you need tools to get rid of it.

An algae brush is a special tool with stiff bristles that scrubs algae off the surface and prevents it from gaining a hold. Experts recommend nylon bristles for pools with a vinyl liner and steel bristles for concrete or gunite pools.

Telescoping Pole

Telescoping poles are a godsend for pool owners. They’re just long poles, but they allow you to reach the bottom of your pool without having to don your snorkeling gear.

Telescopic poles come with a variety of pool attachments and interchangeable heads enabling you to perform a variety of tasks. You can attach a pool skimmer to remove debris from the surface, a manual vacuum or a pool brush to scrub away unwanted algae.

A telescopic pole allows you to stand in one place and perform a variety of actions without having to walk around the deck endlessly.

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