Caring For Your Pool in the Winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is a yearly season that comes with many restrictions and formalities
As such, many people might forget to check on their pools during this cold season. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of swimming do not end when the swimming season does. In fact, neglecting your pool during winter might cause extensive damage due to freezing or contaminated water.
And you would not want to be at the end of that paycheck for repairs.
The following tips will help you take care of your pool better during the cold season.

1. Keep Your Pool Clean

The first step to proper swimming pool maintenance during winter is keeping it clean.
If your pool is surrounded by foliage decorations, then leaves, insects, and other debris is likely to be blown into the pool. And although a few bugs and leaves may not seem like a big deal, they are the worst. Here’s why.
Every pool has a filtration system to keep the water fresh and safe. When leaves and insects are stuck inside this delicate system, you might end up replacing the whole system because of just a few leaves.
To avoid this keep your pool clean by investing in:
  • A quality leaf scoop
  • Vacuum hose
  • And algae brush
Also, remember to frequently clean out your filtration system.

2. Protect the Water

After clearing all the debris, next you need to think about the quality of the water. Micro-organisms love humid conditions, and if not taken care of, your pool might become a breeding ground for all kinds of algae and bacteria.
And sucking up dirt with a vacuum won’t be enough. You are going to need water treatment chemicals such as:
  • An Algaecide
  • A pool clarifier
  • And chlorine.
The algaecide helps to prevent the production of algae in your swimming pool. The best part is that a quality algaecide needs just one dosage to last up to 90 days. But you can also pour more in your pool before covering it for winter just to be sure.
The clarifier is perfect for keeping your pool looking impeccable. If your water seems cloudy, a clarifier is the best way to go.
Last but not least, we have chlorine. This magic chemical is necessary for the pool’s health as well as yours. Chlorine kills any bacteria or germs that can make you or your loved ones fall sick. Talk to your local pool expert to make sure you are using the right dosage for your pool.

3. Never Forget the Pool Cover

Always clean your pool cover. A clean cover enhances its chances of living up to its full potential. Furthermore, keeping the cover clean helps it t last longer as well as reducing the chances of debris and insects from getting inside your pool. Here’s how to keep your pool cover in good shape:
  • Ensure that the pool cover is securely attached to the pool.
  • Remove debris and water off your cover.
  • Use a rake to pull off snow from your pool cover. It is best to remove the snow when it is still fresh.

4. Check on Your Equipment

Even covering the pool does not keep dirt, pollen, and other pollutants from entering the water.
That is why you should always keep an eye on the filter, perform assessment tests, and clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Away from that, also remember to check your pool pump, heater, and any exposed plumbing for cracks or leaks that might be caused by the cold temperatures.
Make sure everything is working as it should.
For more information on proper pool maintenance during winter, contact us.

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