Is It Time To Remodel Your Pool

Swimming pools are sources of joy, bonding and family time. They bring people together; therefore, taking care of them should always be prioritized. Swimming pool remodeling should be done before warmer weather to allow homeowners to enjoy their pools when summer comes.

With that in mind, every swimming pool owner should know when their pool requires remodeling. Moreover, if diagnosing whether your pool requires remodeling or not proves difficult, you can hire services from companies like Remodel My Pool. We specialize with pool design in Las Vegas. Additionally, if your pool shows signs of wear and tear, needs an upgrade, or recently purchased a home with a swimming pool, you should consider remodeling.

Signs It Is Time To Remodel Your Pool

Whether minor or major renovations, every pool requires remodeling to maintain its performance and keep it safe for you and your guests. Below are common signs that a remodel is due:


The moment you realize a significant water loss in your pool with no known explanation, your swimming pool may be having one or several leaks which need sealing. Moreover, pools may have leakages in many places, such as skimmers, drains, jets, pipe valves, and light fixtures. In the case of a leakage, contact Remodel My Pool to help fix the problem.

Worn-Out Materials

With time, swimming pool equipment and components grow old; hence, their performance decreases. Therefore, regularly checking and maintaining pool components like plumbing systems, tiles, pumps, decking, filters, and lighting are essential for effective swimming pool performance. In addition, repairing damaged facilities on the pool keeps it looking attractive.

Upgrading to a Modern Pool

Your swimming pool may be a bit outdated and you might want to upgrade to a modern style. Most pools installed in the 90s lack modern features, whether aesthetic or performance. Thus, remodeling will be a good call for efficient and safe performance for your swimming pool.

Small Size

When the family grows bigger, it may be an excellent time to remodel your swimming pool to increase its size. Also, expanding your pool will be a good idea for those who enjoy hosting many guests in their pools. Big pools have enough space for many people, therefore, preferred by most homeowners.

Improving Safety

You should not only remodel your swimming pool to improve its aesthetic view and functionality only. Experts recommend that safety should be your top priority when remodeling. Furthermore, swimming pool renovation may help fix faulty electrical designs, damaged pool surfaces, or broken grates that might cause accidents. While increasing the safety of your pool, consider installing child proof pool fencing to avoid accidental drowning.

Energy Efficient Equipment

While remodeling, you may want to save money on electricity bills by changing your swimming pool’s regular lights to LED lights. Aside from saving energy and electricity bills, you can control the LED lights using a remote control. The lights also come in different colors, making the pool look beautiful.

Cracked and Broken Tiles

Broken tiles are hazardous as they can cut you or any other person using the pool. When you notice a crack or a broken tile, that is the time to remodel, replace and repair every wrong detail in your swimming pool. Remodeling such will go a long way in ensuring your pool users’ safety.

Bottom Line

Comprehensive remodeling keeps your pool up to date, and occasionally conducting general changes to your swimming pool is enough to keep it functioning correctly!

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