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Saltwater Pools In Las Vegas

Although saltwater pools are more expensive to install than chlorinated pools, they are more cost effective over time. One of the most important variables to consider when installing a pool is the long-term cost. Pools are an investment, so more than just the installation price should be considered. Unfortunately, many people focus on the now rather than thinking ahead, and it could end up costing them. Read on to find why saltwater pools are a great option in Las Vegas!

Maintenance Is Easier

Every pool needs to be maintained, and the cost varies based on whether the pool is chlorine or saltwater. The pool’s design is another aspect that can lead to increased costs over time. Installing a saltwater pool is more expensive than installing a chlorine pool. However, chlorine needs to be added regularly where the amount of salt you need to add to your saltwater pool will reduce over time.

Maintaining a chlorinated pool will cost up to $60 each month. In contrast, a saltwater pool will cost half as much for the entire season. The size of the pool is another element that will affect your maintenance costs. The larger the pool, as you may know, the higher the upkeep costs.

Cost of Saltwater Pools In Las Vegas

One of the most obvious barriers to establishing a saltwater-based pool is the initial cost. In comparison to its sibling, it is more costly to set up. However, as compared to a chlorine-based pool, the lifetime cost is far lower. Despite the initial cost, a salt water pool will save you money in the long term. Yes, maintaining the pool will cost a lot of money in the beginning. However, unlike a chlorine-based pool, the expense decreases.

Saltwater Pool Health Benefits

A saltwater pool is better for your health. It can help you save money by lowering your monthly medical costs. Saltwater pools are healthy for your skin, has anti-stress benefits, and can be used as a gym alternative because it works on your joints without the negative effects of chlorinated pools.

It is common knowledge that medical costs consume a significant portion of our budgets; but, with a saltwater pool, you can avoid many of the problems that come with regularly swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Inquire About Saltwater Pools in Las Vegas Today!

Both pools have advantages and disadvantages. In terms of long-term benefits, saltwater pools are the ideal option for prospective pool owners planning to renovate their pool in Las Vegas, Nevada this summer. For a free quote, contact us today.

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